Corporate Startup Collaboration (CSC)

is rapidly becoming a centerpiece of modern-day innovation.


A highly-advanced analysis  of global trends and fastest-growing startups & scaleups that are shaping the future.


  • More than 500 startups analysed per industry, culminating in a top 25 most interesting startup solutions.


  • Access to our Global Database of Startups which collects early, mid and late stage startups - more than 100K companies globally

  • Details


  • The project is delivered as a:


  • 1) Indepth report containing your industry’s macro trends, domain specific trends and relevant solution-oriented startups.

  • 2) Internal , professionally facilitated workshop for senior leaderhship  to identify where the organization would better benefit from working with specific scaleup.


  • Our Solutions for Driving Disruption in Your Industry


  • Startup Scouting as a Service: scouting, selecting the right players for corporate innovation

  • PoC as a Service: Mediating and supporting the first pilots to maximize chances of success.


  • Some verticales for disruptive analysis are as following :


  • Fintech

  • Insurtech

  • Mediatech

  • E-commerce

  • FoodTech

  • FashionTech

  • CPG

  • Sports Tech


  • Already presented for:


  • Nestle

  • Dirk

  • Formula1

  • Axa


  • Henkel

  • Frieslandcampina

  • Hakrinbank

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