Large companies struggle with fostering innovation and there are two major challenges: Execution Capacity and Processes that deliver tangible results. With our Enterprise solutions, Accelerator Squared is able to help corporates innovate at scale. 

Enterprise Innovation Toolkit

Access to one of the largest repositories of content on Corporate Innovation - Educational Content for all professional levels, Tools and Frameworks.

Execution Power

Access to a global community of freelancers, tech professionals, young talent, startup founders and innovation practioneers. 

Business Intelligence Solutions

Access to our suite of BI Solutions for Enterprises - from Insights Generation based on the Global Innovation Waves Innovation, Analysis of Ideas probabilities of success, to Matchmaking between specific internal problem and Startup Technology fit to solve it. 



  • Access to Startup Squared, our Digital Acceleration course aimed to help corporates innovate like startups. 

  • Access to Accelerator Squared, our Social Network.

  • Weekly Content on Corporate Innovation.



All from Free, plus:

  • Premium Access to Enterprise Squared, our Premium Digital Acceleration course - specifically designed for Enterprise Innovators. 

  • Weekly Enterprise Growth courses and tooling. 

  • Premium Access to Accelerator Squared Next, the premium version of our Social Network, with unlocked channels for:

  • Access to Industry Landscapes in your industry

  • Access to our Enterprise Innovation Toolkit

€6,- /Month


All from Next, plus:

  • Access to our Analytics Platform on a monthly basis by submitting up to 5 innovation ideas per month and checking how they rate in terms of success potential.

  • Access to our Innovation Step-by-step Framework Collection, where you can follow a guided process of innovation.

  • Access to M2 - our Investor-Startup Marketplace, one the most exclusive and thoroughly-curated startup/technology marketplaces globally.  

€19,90 /Month

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